About Us

Tally Ink Publishing was founded by Author Halie Fewkes, and named for her beloved series she's worked on since the age of twelve:

The Secrets of The Tally Series.

Halie has traveled the country to make appearances at Comic Cons and other events in Washington, Oregon, California, Nebraska, Maryland, New York, and Illinois, and she also enjoys speaking at schools to get students as excited as she is about reading and writing. 

She tries to take the train to as many of her in-person appearances as possible, because it gives her the time to write her next book and edit the work of others, all while watching the country roll by.

If she's not on the train, she's likely at home with her three cats in the Pacific Northwest, sipping a cup of coffee and planning her next excursion.

Halie With New Cover.jpg

You can learn more about Halie's books at her website: www.secretsofthetally.com, or purchase copies on Amazon.